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Employees of the Month

June 2024


Valerie Sackschewsky

Kitchen Staff Employee of the Month

Valerie is enthusiastic, kind, trusting, and reliable.

Her favorites...

Drink: The Ariel (with oat milk)

Hobbies: crocheting and legos

Music: Depends on my mood!

Her "why" for working at The Broken Mug...

"I love making delicious food that I am proud to serve to our customers. My coworkers are great also."

We love you Val and are thankful everyday that you are a part of our team!


Lexi Micek

Full-Time Staff Employee of the Month

Lexi is a leader, honest, passionate, and hardworking.

Her favorites...

Drink: Hot brown sugar and cinnamon latte

Hobbies: Cooking and reading

Music: R&B

Her "why" for working at The Broken Mug...

"Getting to know regulars!"

We appreciate you for all that you have done for us. We love you and are lucky to have you here at The Broken Mug!


Brooke Bronson

Part-Time Staff Employee of the Month

Brooke is accountable, loyal, and selfless.

Her favorites...

Drink: Spring Break Redbull Spritzer

Hobbies: Cheerleading for CHS and hanging out with the people I love

Music: Taylor Swift or country

Her "why" for working at The Broken Mug...

"Meeting a bunch of new people and building connections with them. I also love seeing the customers smile. My awesome coworkers definitely make it fun too!"

Thank you Brooke for all the help. Everyone loves being around you and The Broken Mug is blessed to have you!

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